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Automatic Bear Toilet Bowl Cleaner
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Package Includes: 1 x Blue bear toilet bowl cleaner 

Net Weight: approx. 200g(7.05 oz) 

This bear is an improved version of the ultimate auto toilet bowl flush cleaner and freshener. It will not be bad to the toilet components. Each bear bottle automatically delivers a long lasting clean with every flush for up to three months. It uses healthy and environmentally friendly materials. The toilet bowl cleaner can efficiently clean the toilet to help you solve the trouble of cleaning the toilet frequently. 

After the use of this blue bear toilet bowl cleaner, the thick lubrication protection will form on the side wall, preventing the adhesion of stains. It can thoroughly clean the toilet bowl, sewer pipe, and the entire circulation system of the toilet. It remove bad odors, urinary scale, prevent dirt adhesion and precipitation. 

This is a Septic Safe toilet bowl cleaner. It uses active factor decontamination technology, will not corrode the tank, drain pipe and bottom wax seal. 

Easy to use, just put your magical bear of toilet cleaner into the toilet water tank. More cost effective than any other blue individual toilet cleaning tablet/capsule. 


This product is not a complete replacement for regular toilet brush cleaning. It is a supporting product that maintains freshness, prevents stains, and ultimately extends the time between deep cleaning sessions. Before first use, please clean the toilet with a toilet brush for maximum effectiveness. 

1. Open the package and tear of the sticker. 
2. Pull out the rubber plug from the top. 
3. Open the toilet water tank and place the bear vertically away from the water outlet and inlet. 

When the water is blue, automatic bear toilet bowl cleaner is working for you! 

If it is not releasing blue cleaner within 10 minutes, it is recommended to lay it flat(horizontal). 

This bear toilet cleaner makes your toilet sparkling clean. You can enjoy a healthy toilet environment. 

Note: If it accidently get into the mouth or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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