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PEVA Bathroom Shower Curtain with 12 Plastic Hooks
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Package Includes: 
1 x Shower Curtain 
12 x Shower Curtain Hooks 

Material: PEVA 
Size (approx.): 72 x 72 inches(180 x 180cm) 

WATERPROOF DESIGN: This specialty design is created to repel water and promote water bead formation, allowing water to quickly roll off the surface and keeping your bathroom dry and clean. You can use it alone for a bright and airy atmosphere, or pair it with your favorite fabric shower curtain. 

NON TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY: It is made with high-quality and eco-friendly materials. It does not have an unpleasant smell, is mold-proof, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, and does not release harmful chemical fumes. 

This 72" x 72" shower curtain fits any standard size shower or tub, whether you have a straight or curved shower rod. It can give any bathroom a makeover with just a single touch. This shower curtain is also a quick and luxurious way to refresh and change the appearance of a bathroom, powder room, restroom, master bathroom, kids bathroom, guest suite, or hotel bath without spending a lot of money. 

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